Jacobs and Baethge earn Biloxi bids

The Built Ford Tough Series heads to Biloxi, Miss., this weekend. Photo by Andy Watson / BullStockMedia.com.


  • John Jacobs won the C'N Stars Invitational in Williston, N.D., with 172.5 points.
  • Clayton Baethge was victorious in Fredericksburg, Texas, courtesy of 175.5 points.
  • Due to their victories, both riders have qualified for this weekend's Built Ford Tough Series event in Biloxi, Miss.

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PUEBLO, Colo. ― John Jacobs walked away with $3,655.43 after winning the C'N Stars Invitational in Williston, N.D. last weekend. Jacobs earned 87 points in the long round of the Professional Bull Riders Lucas Oil Touring Pro Division event and followed that up with an 85.5-point effort in the short go for a total of 172.5 points and the victory.

Tanner Byrne and Matt Triplett tied for second place with a total of 169.5 points each. Byrne picked up $1,947.56, while Triplett earned $2,127.34.

Triplett also placed fourth and fifth to earn an additional $2,780.52 after entering himself in the event four times. Based on TPD rules, a bull rider may enter a TPD event as many times as he chooses; some riders have been known to enter two or even three times.

Fans in attendance at the Fredericksburg, Texas, PBR TPD event watched Clayton Baethge win both the long round and short go of the event with 88.5 points and 87 points. Baethge amassed a total of 175.5 points for $4,284.00 in winnings. He also added an extra $571.20 with a fifth-place finish after entering the event twice.

Brady Sims was close behind Baethge with 173 points, which earned him a second-place finish and $2,380.00. Markus Mariluch earned $1,785.00 and tied for third place with Ryan McConnel and his $1,428.00.

As winners of this past weekend's TPD events, Jacobs and Baethge secured a spot in this weekend's Built Ford Tough Series Battle at the Beau in Biloxi, Miss., Sept. 20-21.

The Touring Pro Division will make another stop in Texas this weekend.

Lachlan Richardson, Caleb Sanderson and Cody Tyler White are slated to compete in San Antonio on Saturday, Sept. 21, at 8:30 p.m. at the San Antonio PBR TPD event.

C'N Stars Invitational on Sept. 13-14 in Williston, N.D
Final Results (Round 1-Round 2-Total Points-Earnings)

1. John Jacobs, 87-85.5-172.5 points, $3,655.43
2. Tanner Byrne, 84-85.5-169.5 points, $1,947.56
    Matt Triplett (B), 87-82.5-169.5 points, $2,127.34
4. Matt Triplett (D), 71.5-89-160.5 points, $1,558.05
5. Matt Triplett (A), 88.5-0-88.5 points, $1,222.47

Fredericksburg, Texas PBR TPD on Sept. 13 in Fredericksburg
Final Results (Round 1-Round 2-Total Points-Earnings)

1. Clayton Baethge, 88.5-87-175.5 points, $4,284.00
2. Brady Sims, 86-87-173 points, $2,380.00
3. Markus Mariluch, 87.5-85-172.5 points, $1,785.00
4. Ryan McConnel, 87-85.5-172.5 points, $1,428.00
5. Clayton Baethge, 83.5-0-83.5 points, $571.20

Top 10 Touring Pro Division Rankings

1. Chase Outlaw, 2,639.50 points
2. Jory Markiss, 2,506.25 points
3. Edevaldo Ferreira, 2,168.52 points
4. Mike Lee, 2,159.62 points
5. Cody Nance, 2,140.04 points
6. Zac Peterson, 2,082.00 points
7. Zane Lambert, 1,899.25 points
8. Claudio Crisostomo, 1,890.96 points
9. Joao Ricardo Vieira, 1,837.73 points
10. Gage Gay, 1,750.58 points

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