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The morning line: Springfield, day 3


  • J.B. Mauney takes on Outside the Box in Round 3 of the Invitational. The bovine is currently 12-0.
  • Silvano Alves will climb aboard The Rocker after the bull bucked off Kody Lostroh in Round 1.
  • Joao Ricardo Vieira faces off with Sic 'em Sam, the same bull that knocked Valdiron de Oliveira out in Round 1.

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SPRINGFIELD, Mo. ― Round 3 here in Springfield features the same bulls we saw in Round 1, so the riders should be familiar with them. Only six riders got a score on Friday, but really we should see better results than that today. The riding percentage is an abysmally low 20 percent at this event so far, and this round is the only chance these riders have to right the ship. The short round is going to be extremely tough.

Ben Jones on J33 Sucker Punch:

Jones rode this bull handily in Tulsa, Okla., for 83.5 points, and so far he's the only man to turn in a score on Sucker Punch of the eight riders who have tried. Gage Gay had him in the first round here and took him close to the five-second mark.

Jory Markiss on 906 Breakdown:

Chase Outlaw had this bull in Round 1 and didn't get a score, but Breakdown has given up some big rides this season. Brendon Clark won Round 1 on him in Tulsa. Look for this bull to get some air and watch for Markiss to get along with him.

J.B. Mauney on J908 Outside the Box:

This bull is about to venture outside of his comfort zone. He's 12-0 in his career, but he hasn't faced any rider as good as Mauney; and certainly not as good as Mauney has been lately. Since Tulsa, Mauney has beaten defending World Champion Silvano Alves at his own game ― staying on bulls. Since BFTS action resumed following the summer break, Mauney has ridden for a better percentage than Alves, and he's been on more bulls and turned in more qualified rides as well. Riding percentage and a number of qualified rides are areas where Alves usually dominates.

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L.J. Jenkins on 15 C-Note:

Eduardo Aparecido had this bull in Round 1 and didn't make the whistle. C-Note is unridden in 16 career outs we know about. This bull originally came from the 2X4 Ranch in Heflin, La., where Joe Robinson has had a way with bulls for many years. We always talk about how good a bull is, but a lot of that is because of who handles him. Some longtime rodeo contractors can take a good bull and turn him into a bad one, while other guys can take an average bull and make him great. Jeff Robinson is C-Note's second owner since he left home, and drawing Aparecido ― and now Jenkins ― at this event will be his biggest test and are the best riders he's faced yet.

Claudio Crisostomo on 029 Back Jackin':

Crisostomo is new here, but he does seem to understand the basic idea of bull riding ― stay on until the whistle blows. He's done a good job of that so far. This bull is pretty well unknown outside of the fact that he threw H.D. Coleman off in Round 1 here. I think that the speed of bulls on the Built Ford Tough Series and the added pressure to get out of the chute are what incoming riders from Brazil need to adjust to the most. The language barrier is probably a blessing to them because it results in isolation and far fewer distractions.

Chase Outlaw on 922 Modified Clyde:

Just two weeks ago in Thackerville, Okla., this same bull carried Outlaw to 89.75 points and a round win. Shane Proctor had Modified Clyde on Friday and came down in just 1.85 seconds.

Silvano Alves on 708 The Rocker:

Kody Lostroh had this bull in Round 1, and Cody Nance had him in Tulsa ― neither guy earned a score. Jory Markiss and Tanner Bothwell both did make the whistle on him at Touring Pro events over the summer break. While Mauney has made headlines and has outridden him since the summer break, Alves hasn't been slacking off. He's also improved his season numbers significantly. Alves has never been impossible to beat, but he's not going to just give it away. Someone will have to step up and take it from him by being more consistent. Mauney's done that over the past five events. Consistency is everything at this level, especially when the bulls are dominating the way they are here.

Joao Ricardo Vieira on 912 Sic 'em Sam:

This is the bull that knocked Valdiron de Oliveira out in Round 1, and he went to the right with Oliveira. Vieira has been second in the standings to Alves for some time, but consistency has been an issue for him. He needs to be able to get scores on bulls that go away from his hand, and more importantly he needs to get scores period. Mauney and Alves have outridden him by a large margin in the five events since the summer break.

VIDEO: Sic 'em Sam wrecks Valdiron de Oliveira hard in Round 1

Stormy Wing on 89W Little Andy:

This bull is likely to spin into Wing's hand, but he won't be a piece of cake. Wing will have to do everything right to get him ridden. Andy has some forward movement and a lot of speed. He's really very similar in style to Jack Daniel's Tennessee Honey ― a bull who spins to the left nearly every time but denies the best riders consistently.

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