Women of the PBR: Sadie Berger


  • Sadie was happy to spend time with her PBR family while at World Finals.
  • She is blessed to have grown up in this industry.

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Now that the long awaited 2013 PBR World Finals is over, I have a little more time on my hands to sit down and write. It was such an exciting and emotional Finals and I could not be happier with the way things turned out. J.B. Mauney has finally won that World Championship we have all wanted him to win and he proved that he deserved it by not only riding every single bull, but also being a cowboy and never giving up. It was also pretty exciting that he picked Smackdown in Round 2 and they teamed up to win the round with a 93.75-point ride.

jb smackdown
J.B. Mauney posted 93.75 points on the Berger's bull, Smackdown.

The Finals are always such a fun and exciting time, it was so great to spend time with my PBR family and see many of my closest friends. Sunday night we attended Luke Synder and Brendon Clark’s retirement party at the PBR Rock Bar. The party was such a great time and everyone came out to celebrate the careers of two outstanding PBR athletes. It was really great to see everyone and enjoy the company of so many friends.

I have had the pleasure of watching both Brendon and Luke ride throughout their careers and I mentioned to Luke the other night that I’ve gotten to watch them “grow up”, he kind of laughed and said well we have also gotten to see you grow up, and that’s when it sunk in to me how the faces of the PBR are changing. It’s crazy to think that in the years to come some of the old and familiar faces I’ve come to know will no longer be the guys out there riding.

Realizing this makes me kind of sad, but I am also so excited to see the future generation of our sport and meet the new superstars of the PBR. I can’t forget to mention the guy with the unforgettable smile that has represented our sport with such class around the world, Cord McCoy. It’s been such a blessing to grow up in this industry and meet all these wonderful people, many which will be life long friends. I can’t imagine what life would be like without it, but each and every single day I am thankful to have grown up right where I have.

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