Women of the PBR: Renee Ephrom

Renee and Dusty Ephrom.


  • The Ephrom's headed to the World Finals in Las Vegas after Dusty competed in the Canadian Finals.
  • Renee's favorite part of the Heroes & Legends Reunion was Flavia Moraes being awarded the Sharon Shoulders award.
  • Dusty and Renee took part in a cooking demo with Tyson Foods in the PBR Fan Zone.

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What a great PBR World Finals! Big congrats to our buddy J.B. Mauney on winning his first world title!
Dusty and I have had a busy and very enjoyable October. Most of the month was spent preparing the ranch for winter, cleaning up the yard and garden, getting the yearlings shipped to the auction mart and setting up the horses’ winter pasture. The Canadian PBR Finals were October 18-19. Dusty rode his first bull and bucked off his second.  He missed the short go by two points. Congrats to our friend Zane Lambert on winning his first Canadian Champion title!
Sunday morning after the Canadian Finals, Dusty and I set out in the minivan for Las Vegas. We made it to Salt Lake City Sunday night and rolled into Vegas early Monday afternoon, eager to see all our friends!

las vegas strip

Even though Dusty was not competing in the Finals this year, it still made for a busy week. We attended the Heroes & Legends Reunion on Tuesday and it was an amazing feeling being in the same room as so many people that have inspired and made the PBR what it is today. My personal favorite part of the event was seeing Flavia Moraes receive the Sharon Shoulders award. As a bull rider’s wife, it was hard not to get a little emotional during her acceptance speech and listening to how Adriano spoke of her.


The opening round Wednesday night was pretty amazing. It was the first event I had Dusty sitting beside me from start to finish. I will admit that it was a little emotional and different for me. I see a lot of passion and love for the sport in Dusty’s eyes. He really gets into it even sitting in the stands. Just when I thought I cheered insanely loud, nothing compared to Dusty cheering on his buddies!

Thursday and Friday was spent visiting more friends, touring the Las Vegas strip and taking in some exhibits. Something we never really have had the time to do before while in Vegas. Saturday morning Dusty and I assisted in a cooking demo with Tyson Foods at the PBR Fan Zone. It was a fun experience! We made a honey garlic marinated pork tenderloin and buffalo chicken wraps.

Ephroms cooking

We got all packed up and ready to leave Sunday morning, we couldn't help but change our minds. We had to stay and watch our friend J.B. win the world title! We also couldn't miss attending our friends Luke Snyder and Brendan Clark’s retirement party at the PBR Rock Bar. Two amazing guys Dusty has looked up to since the day he started riding bulls. I know he is proud to call them friends.

We eventually left Vegas on Monday morning - truly a great week.  Dusty and I are headed to L.J. Jenkins’ bull riding in Clovis, N.M., this weekend. We are both healthy and ready for the 2014 season.  Best of luck to everyone and we’ll see ya down the road!

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